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Capitalist Socialism

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[QUOTE=coalition;132631]You are now admitting that the people were conned by the Tories and, what is worse, you are condoning it.

The crux of your arguement, it seems, is that you had to destroy the dignity and financial security of those who had spent five desperate years of their lives defeating another screwball who wanted a 'Global Market'. Men who were much better than the tory rubbish who were robbing them.

Nevermind that we already bought and paid for these life sustaining utilities, nor that the death warrants handed out by politicians, who, as ever, only fight their tendency towards obesity from digging into the trough, had been narrowly evaded - natures' death warrant could be staved off by eating better and resting more, except, that this did not suit the tories. They, as always, wanted slaves and slaves they would have no matter what. Then , as now, it began by dismantling the NHS. Nothing original about your tactics.... is there? But when your Global crap fails, as it can never be sustained, who do you come too for bailout --why , the same bodies you use when your hiding in terror from the vengence of your global crime partners: those who can least afford it.[/QUOTE]