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Floundering in a sea of political slime.

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I recall a despairing line from Wilfred Owens 'Anthem for a Doomed Youth' 'What passing bells for these who die as cattle' as our young people march today and the people of Egypt die today in the same cause - that cause is survival with dignity.
There was no dignity left for the fools we sent to Davos, they were laughed at by the Germans and French, ignored by the US and insulted by every crawley little principility which owes their very existence to the great men of this England, whom they are now, like the yapping dogs they were and, would always be were it not for our young mens' courage and valour.
We the electorate did not send these fools, the bureaucrats contrived this dictatorship, and it is hard to really blame them, for only a madman would have wished to see a rotten perverted Labour Party back in power.
Nervertheless, when first we practice to decieve... it is inconcieveable that the choice should fall upon the most stupid and vicious pair of shysters in the Kingdom. It is even possible that the Tory party might well have been the answer to our looming d9isaster, but not, oh most certainly not, whilst in the grasp of Droopy and Brideshead, who in eight months have done more damage than thirteen years of a stonking Labour party.
If a Dictatarship or a Cromwell were needed we must have had some more resourceful canditures, rather than those who will allow the murder of our people on our streets.flying-pig