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The Great Dictator

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Having slithered from Dirt St SW1. to attend the Slave Masters Jamboree in Davos with, of course, a farago of BS extolling the economic achievements of the dictatorship up his sleeve: Droopy was informed that as our City Swindlers, pleading for loan extensions had already grassed the 'actual' weeks ago, to shove his BS where Napolean shoved his baton. The results of this being that, having to extemporise, Droopy let the cat out of the bag by admitting that as an outcome of his policies -we are so far up the creek we are now long past being even a basket case.
How I wish for dear Henry V111 to return, if only for a short hung drawn and quartered session with a little beheading for the sellouts such as Gus O. and merry Mervyn to amuse the peons, after all they did appoint Droopy and Brideshead.


  1. coalition's Avatar
    You may have noticed that upon his return from being humilated at Davos, Droopy, our new Furher, let loose a rash of stupid unconsidered initiatives, grab all our forests being the more notable, to distract us from his utter humiliation by the grubby little Sark-cosy and Schloss Merkel, the EU Gauleiter. The cover up of how they are swindling us continues as he proclaims like Hitler that we will not now ever free ourselves of our City swindlers debt as it is now incorporated into our state.
    What we see is that all our money is needed to return the financial elites investments and, move them away to overseas Ali-Babas alpine vaults. Droopy is just buying time so that the wealthy can get their grubby money out, sell off their 900 years of stolen property and dine out in sleazy Monaco, laughing about how they screwed us again.