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Oldham East & Saddleworth by-election polls suggest Labour lead.

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Poor response to my post Major shame on you, a classroom jibe because I missed an O in my
percentages , and a juvenile answer to the points I raised, which were totally ignored, and which are all factual. Do you dispute that Cameron lied when he addressed the pathologists? When he's admitted that all he's doing now was planned while in opposition. Do you agree or disagree that the casino bankers want to get back to gambling with our savings and pension funds who reap all the benefits when they win, and pass the debt onto the ordinary tax payer when they lose? Are any "ring fenced" non casino mortgage and savings banks to be set up to protect the man in the street from a shower gambling crooked shysters?

You sneer about the provenance of the Daily Mirror there may be a lot of paraphrasing of political articles but the seeds of truth are there, albeit to your displeasure, as it's the only Red Top daily which is anti Tory.. My wife reads the Mirror and I read the Sunday Observer/Guardian which I've linked to this forum dozens of times if you ever read them. The time to start sneering at the Daily Mirror is when it publishes lies, and not because it's a Red Top representing views you disagree with.

I am forceful with my posts because of the deluge of right wing bilge I need to counter. This is no time for a gentleman's debating society, debating length the pros and cons of the policies of this Lying Tory led government. Every one can see which way were heading and I hope that those affected [which is virtually the whole of the working population] will stand up and fight for a fair and humane society and boot this lying "Coalition" out of office A.S.A.P.



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