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BNP The Battle For Barking tonight on More 4

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There will be no seismic shift towards the BNP, if nothing else, "The Battle For Barking" exposed the BNP and it's associated organisations like the EDL, filled with violent racist thugs many recruited from the extreme end of the violent football minority. By it's nature it also attracts the psychopathic violent in society who find these organisations an ideal outlet for venting their pent up twisted hate.

What sane person would vote for a party of mature adult political thugs, the program if anything put the final nail in the BNP coffin by exposing the underlying smoldering hate and potential violent behaviour of it's members which will no doubt have knock on effect on the the English Defence League.

I would like to congratulate the program makers for making the ultimate reality TV program and not the contrived rubbish nightly dumbing down our TV viewing.

I have nothing but admiration for Margaret Hodge and her courage, she stood out as a shining example of how to beat violent racist organisations which would destroy our society.
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