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Slow to move again,

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The education system in this country is turning out an underclass in which the black youths of this country align themselves believing there is not much hope.They soon rebel and start antisocial behavior as in the killing seen on the streets today.
The outlook of an individual can hardly be broken after the early years.In my experience of the education system here it is easy for me to see why the black youths feel so disenfranchised.
I was quite well grounded from an early age starting off with my parents to try my best at whatever I do.I was similarly encouraged by my teachers at primary school to see education as an essential tool of personal development.The rest was basically up to me but the grounds on which this development takes place is a function of
government bodies.
This is the clarity of mind on which I entered this country in 1967.I had attended a select type school which was quite comparable with the technical high schools of the day.There was not much difference between them and the grammer schools then.On entering the school system here,I was mistakenly placed in a secondary modern school and it alarmed me when I saw the undermining and mental abuse that was taking place in the system at that level where the majority of black children were grouped.
The secondary modern was geared around providing the manual and trades people.It was in this narrow window black children were placed and not much has changed today.They do not see themselves or others of the same race or familiarity attaining any thing more diverse.
Now unfortunately for a lot of people around that time,they dropped out the system and a part of this reflected in the environment on which their children were brought up.We are now seeing a rebellion of the third generation.They are feeling aggrieved because they belong an yet they feel excluded from attaining the normal things in life.
You need to look no further than on the building sites around the country.The representation here has been dismal over the years and yet the relevant bodies do not see it when it is right in front of their eyes.It is time they stop taking about it and fix it.These are the bread and butter jobs and the black man is vastly underrepresented.
It is not only the misrepresentation at the top ,it is also the mis representation at the bottom hence the underclass.



  1. Dunkirk's Avatar
    [COLOR="Navy"]Trumpeter I do think you make a valid point. I worked in the Building trade myself but few if any of my colleagues were Black.

    I tend to think that our education system is highly sensitive to the criticism that it has been segregated around class and that some sections were, as you say geared to providing the manual and trades people.

    Anyone in school who expresses a desire to work in the building, plumbing, carpentry, trades etc are seen as not having ambition. Educationalists like to think that they are producing the next generation of intellectuals, business leaders, politicians etc.

    When announcing the government's 40% target of school leavers attending higher education critics were accused of "only wanting working class kids to become plumbers".

    In today's politically correct climate a young Black kid that does want to be a plumber presents a problem. To encourage such an endevour is seen to limit his horizons, channelling Black kids into manual trades just like the old days.

    Personally, I don't think that selection was such a bad thing. The idea that you passed an exam to get into an academically oriented school is egalitarian rather than elitist particularly if it takes kids from all backgrounds and ethnicities on the basis of ability.[/COLOR]
  2. Trumpeter's Avatar
    Hello Dunkirk,
    I think it was a grave mistake to discontinue selection in Education.It is the thing which allowed the ambitious working class to move in areas reserved for the priviliged.It allowed drive and competition to produce excellence.Some may argue agains it but in reality it is a lesson which if not learnt in infancy will be felt anyway in adultwood.
    I do not think the majority of black youths today will frown at the wage of most tradesman,but as they are fed the escapist route from education into entertainment and sport as if it is a mass employment sphere they too often do not apply themselves.Even for those who apply,the work and training environment can be too demeaning to them because of the lack of sympatic management when problems arise.I worked on a few building sites myself and up till 90's, there were large numbers of racist grafittis painted in toilets and other areas which went unchallenged by management.
    It felt a very hostile place to be working.I complained on a number of occassions and it did take some time for action to be taken.I am taking about major contractors on pominent sites.The situation worsens on the smaller and medium sites.
    With he new emergence of Eastern block tradesmen the blacks have been shunted further down the pile and at the moment their outlook is chronic.
    Failure to address these issues will see a further escalation in street disorders and violence as witnessed now. because There is always too much lip service and no real progress.