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    [FONT=Tahoma]Fascinating your viewpoint on something that has outlasted many attempts to crush, discredit and irradiate it for two millennia. You write as some deep academic and although I would not pretend to be highly educated I am not thick but I found your writing quite hard to follow. That said I would concur with you in that what humans have portrayed as Christianity will probably fail sooner or later. indeed as a person who accepts that there is order and design all around us which is sustained by a higher being ‘God’ I would be happy to see certainly some of the aspects of Christianity fail sooner rather than later. However I do not think that the concept of this God and our standing before it will change before the end of time itself. We are a being of immeasurable complexity, beautifully constructed, and the more we discover about our biomechanical home the more wonderful we appear. However, you my friend seem to have fallen into the trap that we humans have done so many times throughout history. You think we ‘know it all’, that we are the panicle of everything we see around us. You fail to take into account that we don’t actually have ALL the answers. There was a time when it was believed that the human lung cage would collapse if it exceeded 35mph. there was a time before electricity, radio waves and the silicon chip. When these concepts were just out of this world. it is a very arrogant man who believes he in possession of all the facts. Who is to say we will not find a way of discovering the real meaning of Christianity and discover that far from failing it is in fact growing.[/FONT]


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