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Brown expresses regret over banks

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[QUOTE=coalition;112783]I hold no brief for 'Kabul' Brown and have long known he was as mad as a hatter, (my newspaper boozing buddies made themselves scarce when even free air trips with him were mooted) BUT and I do mean But, place your blame on the right shoulders - The denizens of the City of London commited TREASONOUS felony upon the CROWN, the Queen's Government and the people of this country, The details have been published[I] ad naseum[/I] and yet there are no prosecutions: is it because they were advised by Chancery crooks that they were able to conceal and avoid prosecution so long as nobody knew what they were doing - which was, as Barclays claimed SUCCESSFULLY IN COURT, their Intellectual Property. So a note to all conspiring to commit a felony: tell the court the plan is your IP. Send your gratefull donations to:[/QUOTE]