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Was Lord Mountbatten killed by MI5?

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[QUOTE=coalition;112552]quite correct, they were individually elected and failed to achieve a majority to form a government, it is in this way that we the 'voters' showed that we were unconvinced that cameron, clegg nor brown were acceptable as leaders of the country.
They then unilatterly formed a coalition which we were excluded from ratifying, and there is substantial reason to believe that the glipdems rank and file had they been aware of the true details of the agreement, would not have accepted it. I wonder what would have been the reaction if it had been a coalition between the torys and the bnp, would we have supinely laid down as we have now, and accepted it. The electorate have been disenfranchised via a tottally illegal constraint agreement. almost exactly identical to how Hitler stole power in 1933, The ultimate price we pay is unacceptable as my vote is no longer worth a spit -we have a dictatorship. I have no longer a vote nor do you.[/QUOTE]


  1. sheffield39's Avatar
    Whats more the pity, is the fact that the BNP did not get the full support it deserves, everyone in this country knew full well what a load of theiving lying traitors, were running this country, the same bunch of selfserving grabbers are all back in power of the shamless British voters and their still getting crapped on, right-left-n-centre and theres MORE to come; watch what they'll do to our winter payments!