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The coalition end - game no salvation - no return

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The financial crisis which the Coalition is creating will clearly and publicly be its responsibility. The key question is will they be able to pull it off, and, if not, will they simply be allowed to walk away from the toxic disaster they have fomented.
They have increasingly being advised that the country's finances are already ill equiped to stave off the day, month or year of reckoning, as a consequence of the City's criminal activities, and a mountain of worthless deritives (20 TRILLION). Also the pressure of the Real Economy (e.g. increases in food and energy costs) coupled with the monumental destruction of SME's and the working society - are accelerating beyond containment: making it impossible to remedy.
The withdrawal of the Economic Stimulus is financially illiterate and assures that financial meltdown is inevitable sooner rather than later.
Should those who placed themselves, (they were not elected) in a position of responsibility for the management of our economy be alowed to simply walk away when their amatuer financials have collapsed.