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What do squirrels do on Sundays?

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Let us no longer pretend to ourselves that the illegal constraint agreement known as the coalition are not a bunch of degenerate sociopathic parasites with no regard for the stability of the small or medium trader. It does not take an Einstien to realise that they are now a part of the problem not the solution to a broader developing financial crisis which will massively destablise this country.
The perverted ideals of Toryism, one reason why they were a failure at opposition and why they will fail in a pseudo government, despite almost total integration of the glib dems, is that they incapable of understanding that corporations only prosper at a nations expence. There is more reason to go to war with a corporation than to be at war in Afghanistan.
Old Labour knew this, and screwed them until they screamed, new labour was was rewriting the political bible, and paid a lot of our money to get f ....d buying their way into corporate hospitality but alas whores seldom get married, its just a mutually convenient for a short time. The essence of Tory philosophy. The glib dems are only lightweights in this scenario, they will, like labour, regret taking the Tory shilling.

The Bank of England Stability Report tells us that our City Corporate Bank swindlers are due to have to pay down 800 Billion in the coming months and, as this means they need to rake in some 25/30 billion each month so far the very best they can do is 12 Billion a month - so, forget that life saving loan facility - the lenders are no longer in the lending business, a fact you will painfully discover.

You, as taxpayer, are now their lender, or donar, most likely, because you will never see any of your money again. This is why we have a desperate scramble for money by the pseudo coalition, a measly 155 Billion would not have needed the wipeout of almost every SME in England.

I ask once more: what do squirrels do on Sundays?