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Afghanistan - the final stupidity

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[QUOTE=coalition;110922]The US claim, is that they invaded Afghanistan to save it from socio - anarchy, ie terrorists. Well, very laudable of them indeed, it is not often that, without being even asked, such an effort and expenditure is made for even a friendly power but, notwithstanding the fact that Afghanistan was the most unlikely country in the world to which the American people would want to expend their billions and childrens lives, the warwagon was hitched up and, to the bewilderment of most sane people, unwanted military aid arrived per pony express.
There is only one big problem with this unwanted largesse, the socio anarchists don't play according to script, they have now turned a civil conflagration into the anarchy of religious war - and no military general staff, particularly US, have the slightest understanding OF THE AMBIGUITY of religious war. These people are not any longer in the market place for bartering ideas and principles: they have donned the [I]'malgre'[/I] - the hair shirt, and no compromise other than total annihilation will suffice. As usual the UN is silent.[/QUOTE]