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Never mind what we said ..... Just pay up

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A European Princess on being courted by Henry was said to have replied that if she had two heads she would gladly put one at the Kings disposal.

I would, were I the happy incumbent of two incomes, be pleased to place one at the disposal of Droopy and his illegal constraint agreement - coalition. Unfortunately, unlike politicians, I have only one income and you have had as much of this as I can spare without actually starving to death.

The speculation, profiteering and outright financial theft by the finance industry have left the majority of the people of this country in much the same fiscal poverty and, coupled with the crippling exploititive taxations which are being slithered across the income spectrum are an extremism too far for us to tolerate.

Already the people have realised that you are the same incompetant crooks, this is not harsh - you did fiddle your expences - and once a thief etc.. as the last lot, just dogs with a different name and, those of us who still might have something worthwhile to do for our country, are progressively taking steps to ensure that we are not further exploited.