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This Grotesque charade of a Budget is the l 'surah' of conquest against the voter.

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The 'surah' exhorts the Faithful to slaughter, vengence and death, which is exactly what this illegal Constraint Agreement has allowed the two most incapable people in the country, to inflict their ignorance of financial management upon an electorate, who did not vote them into office. As, even, the Financial Ed. of The Eve. Standard, a paper not noted for supporting other than Tories, points out, the City has contributed nothing back from the Trillions of pounds they have conned from the people of this country and a measly 2 Billion PA will be made up by more charges upon account holders. It is in fact a green light to carry on stealing, when what was necessary was the amputation of a financial plague. Who would not pay this small sum for the license to steal a thousand times more. A nd, a footnote from The Treasury, says they may negotiate the 2 Billion UNDER UNDEFINED CIRCUMSTANCES.
So, it was just window dressing to rob the Electorate again. Who really thought otherwise.


  1. uncon's Avatar
    Have you actually read the report?

    I have it in front of me and forced myself to go through the budget and the OBR's take on it... Call it what you like, but you can't say it is in any way a cop out. It is incredibly radical. Have a look at the figures in the OBR Forecast. That independant body thinks it can be done, but it is frighteningly quick and well thought out.

    Looking at it it confirms what I thought. The new government had a good clue about what they would be doing but couldn't tell the electorate in the election as Labour would have simply denied it, having refused to produce the review, and so that left it wide open for them to come in with these measures as a 'we didn't know how bad it was' rather than having to be up front when it could have cost votes.

    If this plan works and it comes down within the wave the OBR has produced then it is quite simply genius.

    time will tell
  2. coalition's Avatar
    Let me quote a most respected financial journalist, Anthony Hilton who writes for the Eve. Standard a bastion of Tory radicals.
    " What we have had so far since this government took power (mine is a different view, sliding under the door of 10 Dirt St is not taking power, it is conning it from the electors) - and again in an adept performance yesterday by Geo. Osbourne - has been PR, an attempt to make people think that things will change, while keeping under wraps the hard fact that there is very little in the short term that Government can do to change anything. And thus far he has proved better at persuading the financial markets than the public, the markets proving easier to please probably because they don't have to bear the pain". ( more likely it is that they are still consented by government to steal, lie, cheat and pretend they are important, when they are really the filth of humanity).

    Take the pain we will, lots and lots of pain while politicos and cits sit sipping the champpers paid for with our money. As for respecting Budd and his OBR, I recall meeting him at Natwest Tower when he was economist for the bank - little good was derived from that appointment AND HE WAS CLASSED 'AS NOT UP TO IT' but then, he has found his level with all the other losers: has he not.
    I agree with you 'time wiil tell' in the meanwhile, put your savings in gold.
  3. coalition's Avatar
    Item: Two interesting items catch the eye this morning, a poor benighted accounts clerk in Maidstone obsessed by two femme fatales and swindles 3.4 million pounds from his employers. He is potentially about to serve 17 years in prision and his wife and children are about to serve an even worse punishment - as they will lose everything they have.

    Item: A City swindler trading in Oil gets drunk and using his laptop buys 7.13 million barrels of crude at a high price and, in just two hours, starts a surge in the oil price by two dollars a barrel. This will have cost motorists something on the scale of 20 Billion, all that just for a drunk! The company claim they lost 6 million on this trade.
    No prision for the oil swindlerjust the sack, a small fine (72.000) from our wonderfull regulators (so skilled at closing the doors when the horse has bolted) and, a ban from trading until no doubt he sobers up again .... tomorrow? The lesson to be taken is that when it comes to the City stealing the publics money, as every politician proves, there are no prosecutors in England.

    The really worrying thing about the latter is that it reveals that our vital commodities, even our food, is bartered in the markets by crooks who take over 100% or more profit and there are no controls over this element of trading. If the City was not still swindling us we might be able to afford the other swindlers tax hikes.

    Item: Union leaders are calling for our support against the supposed government: get lost you wa...kers where was your concern during the last 13 years when we were being screwed by you and your scurvy labour gang?
  4. coalition's Avatar
    Our City swindler is now operating from the Swiss office. No doubt drinking to the irrelevant laws of our corrupt financial administration.
  5. coalition's Avatar
    I hate to say I told you so ... again, but that would be misleading: when are people going to comprehend that politicians, of whatever idealistic doctrine, are no longer capable of managing this country. The intellectual newspapers have all but called Alan Budd and his OBR a complete fraud and its research as scanty. In the OBR we are seeing another example of the Nazi propaganda, old lies new lies... who needs an magnificent original when any old USSR OR GDR propganda will do to con the people.