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Israel facing a new Intifada

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[QUOTE=coalition;109323]Unfortunately, there are many assumptions about where the 'Camp' Palestinians originated. What was in the camps were 'the scum of the desert', not my words but Glubb's, recruited to murder and pillage what was believed to be a weak and unarmed newly, UN Legitimised, Israel, and abandoned on the Israeli borders when this failed. No Arab country would take any responsibility for them. Thus, was the myth created, a myth which has become a truism to suit a perverted politique. As the apple never falls too far from the tree, like their fathers and grandfathers, this lazy shiftless camp population now insist they are Palestinians but they have never lived or worked in Palestine. And, a great percentage of the US money you decry, has fed them for 60 years, you will note the lack of gratitude for this over generous welfare by the sheer enthusism they show in murdering young US soldiers.[/QUOTE]


  1. AMGINGLES's Avatar
    You could say that about the Jews as well , many isrealis who moved over in the late 40s etc where rough people used to killing. Their treatment of the native palistinians was in the same vein as their persecution by the nazis. Hurting people love to hurt as the saying goes.
    Unfortunatly many Iraqis , Afghans and chechens who do not work for the CIA have been provoked to attack the western troops mainly by the murder of their families either by american air raids or by the murderous local mercenaries that the west hire ( eg afghan army)
  2. coalition's Avatar
    The state of Palestine was a political creation of the British after the 1 St World War, when the Ottoman Empire was divided up by the Allies. Although this was sanctioned by The League Of Nations it did not carry the same legitimacy as the United Nations, Israel is the only 'Legitimate State' sanctioned by the United Nations. The Arabs in Palestine owned no property, except, under the authorisation of a Turkish landlord.
    So, when gangsters lay claim to the rightful property of Israel and, hide this claim behind a religious ignorance, it is not unremarkable that eventually no decent person is free to live a safe and prosperous life.
    Were Israel to leave the Middle East tomorrow, the arabs would carry on murdering each other in just the same way. It is the nature of the beast And it is just primative envy and greed..
  3. AMGINGLES's Avatar
    I think you have over complicated a simple story , the arabs where there , they had homes and farms there , the British , reluctantly under economic pressure from the USA set Palestine aside as a home for the Jews. Hence the Jews hardened by their suffering and with a lot of American jewish money set about removing palestinians from their homes. An action which is still being repeated today.
    I agree there are lots of greedy arabs , most of whom though are in saudi arabia and are working for the American wing of the NWO.
  4. coalition's Avatar
    Not really, if I wanted to complicate this 'simple' tragedy, I would have started at the Crusades and how the illiterate Constantine Empress, a former brothel keeper, toured these so called Jesus sites handing out vast rewards to wily Jews, for pointing her in the direction their mad prophet Jesus was supposed to have taken. Naturally, as with all things religious, it was all a load of trollax.
    Interesting though, that it is only the Jews who are recorded as being actually domiciled in Palestine at the period of the Byzantine Empire.