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Israel facing a new Intifada

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Unfortunately, there are many assumptions about where the 'Camp' Palestinians originated. What was in the camps were 'the scum of the desert', not my words but Glubb's, recruited to murder and pillage what was believed to be a weak and unarmed newly, UN Legitimised, Israel, and abandoned on the Israeli borders when this failed. No Arab country would take any responsibility for them. Thus, was the myth created, a myth which has become a truism to suit a perverted politique. As the apple never falls too far from the tree, like their fathers and grandfathers, this lazy shiftless camp population now insist they are Palestinians but they have never lived or worked in Palestine. And, a great percentage of the US money you decry, has fed them for 60 years, you will note the lack of gratitude for this over generous welfare by the sheer enthusism they show in murdering young US soldiers.[/QUOTE]