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Droopy is not an Prime Minister Cleggy is not a Deputy PM!

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A prime Minister is the leader of an 'Elected' winning party not a self appointed loser.

Droopy, may be the Illegal Constraint Agreements Leader but not the Prime Minister of England. The media have had instructions to call him PM but this is an obvious ploy to make us accep what is not fact.
And, Cleggy therefore can forget his make believe Deputy Prime Ministership it is as false as the 'Coalition'

Do try for just a modicum of reality, we will dump the pair of you back on the rubbish heap you came from as soon as we can get into an honest court.


  1. coalition's Avatar
    Droopy: in his assumed role as PM: " WE MUST GET TO GRIPS WITH OUR DEBT" if 'our' debt means the politico's and the Cits debts and he is referring only to those, as I PERSONALLY, did nothing to incur debt for myself nor my country. So, if you want to repay any debts you incurred when we left you minding the shop that's fine with me. If your asking me to repay the money you lost when I was paying you to guard my interests, well, look at it this way, you swindled me before which means you will swindle me again, so, get your money from your own kind and the Cits who stole it.
    NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, especially, from those who slid under the door of 10 Dirt St SW1.

    Mr. Leader of The Coalition : who is not an Prime Minister.
  2. coalition's Avatar
    Insurance Companies who loaned our money to all the rotten illegal scammers in the City have, we are told 400 BILLION of Government Bonds, as they were willing participants in the destruction of our financial wealth, why should we include them as our debtors. This is more than half the money Droopy claims we owe and, which he wants us to repay, although we had no benefits from the City swindlers who lost it. It is intended that this will be by starving our children, reducing their chance of a proper education, reduced medical facilities and, letting the aged die from lack of care. It will also mean that families will be destroyed through poverty as industry will stagnates from lack of finance.

    And, exactly like Hitler, this creep did'nt even win an " Election" Are we all insane as we stand by and watch the end of Democracy. Welcome to the wonderful world of Dictatorship.flying-pig

    As I said in my Blog 'The Siege of Whitehall' lets get angry and make the City pay back our money.
  3. coalition's Avatar
    Are we all going to be 'Taxonoclasts' or just lie down and let this political filth dibb into our pockets again in order to give their Cit friends more of our money to buy new mansions with.