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Israeli raid met with global protests

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[QUOTE=coalition;109110]Palestinian Land - Palestinian Land? This is a myth, there was no such thing. If you believe the stories they tell each other, and those gullible enough to listen, about how much land each lying nomad claims he owned, Palestine would be 100 times the size of India. Before the First World War this was the Ottoman Empire and before that the Byzantine Empire, none, except Turks, could own land. The Jews bought the land they live on which is a lot more legal then the imaginary ownership of the Nomadic Bedu. Arabs. This is just a gangster land claim financed by Popes and Muslim interests who have ever hated the Jewish Religion, a religion invented to relieve the burden of slavery, and imitated by Christians and Muslims for less honest purposes.
Long may the Israeli prosper in there own legal Dominion.[/QUOTE]