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A C.Exec and Chair from hell.

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Some of you, as I do, may have an interest in how the Prudential is run: into the ground,if the incredible waste of our money in bidding for AIG does not end with the frogmarching of Mc Grath and Thiam, not just out of Pruedential but the insurance business in toto.

Only a short time has elapsed since the Business Model for 'betting the whole pot' by buying super size, seemingly risk free, but generally pigs in a poke US Companies, has proven to be a disaster.

The cost of this failed nutters escapade will reach over a Billion of our money: more than any business or investor should be exposed to without clearence from the Board of Directors and the shareholders. It does appear that nothing has been learned from the destruction of our countrys wealth, either by the Politicians nor the Regulators.

You are all such a bunch of 'Tossers' on the take and on the make.