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Don't be 'Vague' Hague, tell us what your up to.........

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The Church of Perversion are still desperate to wheedle their former Nazi Vicar across our channel. 0ddly though, this renewed enthusism happens to coincide with Hague's tearing up of National /International Laws on arresting mass murderers. He claims that his reasons are that the PM of Israel is unable to visit UK, ..... SORRY, I just needed time to stop howling with glee! how bloody pathetic: since when have the Tories wanted to do other than put Jacob on a large bed of hot kindling as they dipped his pockets.
There is a smell of Vatican Pork wafting around Whitehall about this, particularly when it is also gazetted that HM is not attending the Commonwealth games in Oct. just when the Vicar of Perversion is expected to scuttle across the border. Orange Order leaders take note: we may need a writ from Derry.


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    Willy, we really are not as stupid as you think .... you weasel.
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    I have just had a word with the Israeli PM, Benny says he has no plans for visiting the UK at present, so, we don't need to reajust the law for his convenience but he does appreciate the Weasels kind efforts on his supposed behalf.
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    Fre from his French peasant oddessy, strewing the required Disney honours for best apparition and speaking in tongues, amongst the gullible and mentally challenged - quelle surprise! Fra. Arsliker, that little but loveable scamp in the costume department, even remembered to pack that holy relic eyebrow lash of St. Joan - the former Nazi and SS acoylyte, recently Church of Perversion scourge of unbelievers - hardly a career change - both jobs involved the molesting of the Jewish people - is busy.
    To the heroic defenders of the murderous cult of catholicism falls the task of gulling the English Heretics back into the sleazy but rewarding (for them) arms of mother vatican, and collecting the billions of pounds they have owed since they fell from the family of religious hypocrasy. The script will be all about the one, the true, the father, the mother with a little bit of Hell and damnation: more Goebals than Godballs, with a load of relics, mostly stolen from jewish bodies - no change there then - and lots of fashionable custumes 'a la Egyptian'.
    To remind us that once we belonged to these pimps they will spread a bit of holy unction about and sainttisise someone named Newman, was it Paul Newman? now he was a good actor: was'nt he? Well worth sainting him.
    In the meanwhile we will be seeking a warrant for the arrest of the Nazi.
    ' Ecclesia Anglicana' Henry V111
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    Millions wasted on a stage show by and for perverts ... no nazi catholic gangs in UK.
    The Vicar of the church of Perversion demands 12 Million pounds to perform in the UK.

    Why are we paying millions for this charade .... we have our own clowns do we need to import more.
    You can still believe in Jesus, if this is your need, and you don't need to belong to a gangster religious cult such as the catholics, they, after all, copied and stole the story of Jesus away from the original christians, and then proceeded to massacre them to stop any competition. The Christian Religion was there long long before the catholic murderers. In modern times we would call that copyright theft and thats the least of their brutalities.
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    Willy Hi. how are the twosomes going? keeping busy, wellI wont disturb your [I]menage[/I] etc, for long. I just wanted to know the final cost for our enterainment of The Nazi Vicar.

    Keep well mon poppet!