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From the desk of the Chairman: Foul & Vile 'et Cie' 10 Dirt St SW1?

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" Would you Adam and Eve it ?

I caught that little schmok wearing my Bullingdon Tie in the cabinet office this morning. I kept sthum for the sake of our dodgy Constraint Agreement but, Sammy is getting near the boiling point and muttering about 'staying with Daddy for a while'. She says, that living in that grotty Victorian nightmare two up and two down, so as to con the peasants that we were 'just like them'... God forbid, was one thing, but having those two Putney ikes loungeing around 10 Dirt St. is inhibiting her Royal friends. I did think that stuffing them in a time share in the country would do the trick but, these two are thicker than thick and can't take a hint, so I will have to come up with some other move. Oh well, it was not for nothing that I was known as the chief slitherer at Eton.
Otherwise, all goes well with my conquering of England, Queenie is so doddery that she now thinks I am the King and it was all I could do to stop her courtesying to me in front of that lot of news s....ts the other day. That would really have upset Murdochy san he is still under the illusion that I am his lost bas....trd son.
Tootle pip for now and don't show these diaries to anyone.


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    " Well? yes thank you. I have just been out 'schoomusing' my army. A nice bunch of lads and very grateful for the extra few quid, which the taxpayer won't miss and 'Brideshead' can be ordered to legitimise later, which I was pleased to buy their good will with. As Margret said " to be a successfull Dictator get the Troops and the Stazi on your side and crap upon the peasants with impunity"
    The coffers are good and the Cits are falling over themselves to contribute to my 'welfare fund' only I did'nt much appreciate that old hag and her creepy hangar's on trying to put the bite on me. Just tell me, what the ***k could anybody do with those creepy Thatcher weirdos and, that bloody state funeral she is whining about is not really suitable for a jumped up grocery shop tart. You should have heard Sammy going on about letting the smelly old vixen into her house, def not repeatable.