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We did'nt fiddle the economy the Del Boys in the City did: so why are we paying!

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With the assistance and approval of the Bank of England, the Stock Exchange, in fact, the financial and political elite, all the wealth of this country has been pillaged. Schemes such as 'Naked Selling, that is selling something you do not own, were embraced by the City and its Regulators as they ripped the hearts out of business, savings and pensions. Everything about the City and its fund,banking and investment gangs is a total confidence trick which still has the approval of the politicians.
So, why are we paying for it yet again?
Thatcher did it, despite being advised to the contrary, Labour did it, because they are idiots as well as crooks, and now the Newcol. are doing it because they know we are too feeble and stupid to do anything about it. We are willing serial financial fraud victims and thr really chilling thing about it is that we seem to enjoy the deprivations, unemployment, starvation, abuse, loss of humanity and homelessness. Good for you boys and girls keep on applauding your favourite financial crook and his political partners, all the way to the torture chamber.