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Corporal Clegg

For public clarity, interviewers need to press, press and press again ..and other written musings, May be ramblings also

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As something as important as Brexit and for reasons of clarity, openness, and understanding is it now time for our political journalists/presenters/interviewers across all media platforms to fully challenge individual MPs for their reasons for voting down the Prime Minister's deal. They are of course entitled to do so but at this late stage with the rise of national anxiety its only fair for the wider public to fully have a true understanding of why we are at a logjam. But of course those of us interested in Politics already know the answers to that.

We know Labour's party political stance, don't want to give linage to that. We know JR Moggs associates and DUPs stance. We also know the Lib Un-Democrats stance, being the only party openly campaigning for 2nd vote.

Those aside, let's explore one other UN-Democratic group of MPs who would like to take control of the commons and implement a 2nd vote. These MPs look as if their taking direction from the undisputed master of spin himself Al Campbell, with his catastrophic plan. Designed and rolled out from the people's vote HQ. A well orchestrated, well timed sequence of amendments planned to the Prime Minister's withdrawal bill. If they get a good following wind, I believe they have a better than 50% chance of achieving their goals, particularly if the speaker goes rogue again. But, I must say, I havnt totally given up on Mr Bercow, where I hope that any amendment that may be designed or may lead to parliament wrestling power, he sees for what is and does the most honourable thing and kicks the amendment out.

Those below and others leading from the front are where interviewers need to press for reasons on why they are against May's deal...

Yvette Cooper, Chuka Umunna, others including Cons, Nick Boles Dom Grieve, Anna Soubry not forgetting her runner, Justine Greening. We start with Yvette Cooper's no deal amendment and we await how that fares. The smoke and mirrors created by these MPs with this plan together with attempts of their's and others to blame the Prime Minister as causing this #BrexitChaos is something that the wider general public need to know in more closer detail. This will only be achieved if interviewers persist on their questioning of the 2nd ref supporting MPs and accepting lame answers at this late stage is simply not good enough.

Of course, the issue here is our democracy. These times have truly un-earthed how many un-democratic MPs we really have in our country, in our Parliament.

Tony Blair openly admits to speaking with the EU and has been doing so for a year or two. I think the ex Lib Un-Dem Nick Clegg has also had close coms with EU. How does that work ? British, that's BRITISH EX Parliamentarians talking with the EU, on how best to negotiate with us. On first learning of this at the time, I couldn't quite believe it. I still go giddy talking about now.

In the meantime, Sir John Major who claimed in an interview this week he has no association with any 2nd ref campaign. I'm not implying otherwise, but he must have a particular skill in the timings of his interviews he gives, as they always seem to fit seemlessly around other 2nd ref supporters interviews. I used to admire both these politicians in their day but that admiration has diminished completely as I learned they were never true democrats. All the reasons they give, we've heard them all. They have completely missed the point and in complete and utter denial. That smacks of a bit of a slant towards a dictatorial state of mind. It's the brazen open contempt they have for the vote leaving public in assuming we're all stupid and didn't know what we voted for. If I voted to be worse off and wanted a true complete democracy back, that's my right and would expect my vote if shared with the majority to be implemented.

Theresa May however unstable her and her government are, her position on upholding democracy inspired me 2 years ago when taking office and her continued stance still inspires me now. And thats a woman I previously disliked for many many years. Again, for me,

Some parts of the above may indeed not be factual, just un-romantic musings




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