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I'm starting to like Nick Clegg's policies.

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What pathetic excuse Clegg offers for a "breakdown" in talks with Labour, his sell out to Cameron was already a done deal before he ever spoke to them. He couldn't wait to put his signature to it.

The smell of the crumbs of a morsel of power and the ministerial perks that go with it was enough Lib Dem leadership betray their principles and the principles of their members. The Lib Dems are finished as serious political party, as their leaders are prepared to throw their lot in with the Tories for minor seats at the table. They have been absorbed into the Tory party machine.I believe Lib Dem members will split into factions at the next General Election as the party they belonged to no longer exists.

The debates: Nick Clegg "The Tories are linked up with a load of right wing nutcases in the EU". Now the Lib Dems are also linked up with them.

Clegg: 6bn worth of cuts to be made by the Tories this year would be "a disaster for Britain which could send the economy into a double dip recession". He's now seen the light and has been transformed into a slash and burn convert.

He's sold his party out for 30 pieces of silver and over the next few years he will have reaped what he's sown.

Read the link:

Nick Clegg: 'Gordon Brown's tantrum killed off Labour pact' -



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