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Brown resigns

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So then no party obtained a conclusive mandate for their policies and such a coalition as we have now is the logical way forward, your just peeved off your party couldn't muster enough dignity to compromise. Perhaps if they hadn't been courting (and blatantly ignoring) the fears of the senior civil servants and LISTENING to what people outside their little power bubble were saying they might still be in power. How ironic that they offer voting reform to the liberals and yet in the very scenario of PR voting they are unable to deal with their closest political allay. What does that tell you??
Explain to me how 18 years of Tory government was worse than the 13 years of Labour's. Because as far as I can tell Labour are incapable of admitting mistakes and subsequent failures, the Tories have at least showed they will look at issues where maybe their thinking was wrong, or that the Liberals have a better policy and therefore implement that. It is dangerous for any party to assume they are right all the time, Labour tried 13 years of insatiable spin to project this image, the rubble that is being excavated is enormous...



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