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With this front bench, Labour may as well surrender, it is an insult that these imbeciles are taking money for 'representing' voters..

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[QUOTE=coalition;1147896]Following Osborne's historic in your face (100 lies, absolute whopers, in 50 minutes) it was pathetic to watch the sheer confusion of Ballsup, the financial last resort guru of the dead in the water utterly ridiculous Labour party.
The first whine from his dumb ass mouth was "I only just this minute got this information", boo hoo!.

When, what was vital was to make the House laugh at such brazen bullsh*t, all fatty Balls could offer was a plea for his own stupidity; what the Hell was he expecting Osborne to say? admit he was an even bigger dickhead than boom&bust Gordon and had finished of the job of destroying the economy for the forseeable future. Let us try to educate Labour in how to deal with congenital liars; You mock them, you deride them and you make the House laugh with you....not. at you, as they did (you win nothing with your boorish whining) you buy time for those with the knowledge, to do what you cannot do, point out where the babble is wrong, as you will note Mr. Hilton, a real expert who knows his business, does the job you could not do:
read and weep, or whine, if you prefer. Dumkoff!

But guess what? On the negative side, [B]you also have to go back in history for an even longer period to find a time when the economy was as scarred and hamstrung as it is today by three other indicators — the relentless squeeze on living standards, the depressingly low rate of business investment and the lamentable levels of productivity growth. These are what you would expect in an economy that is a basket case — tottering on the edge of long-term stagnation and decline.[/B]
For an economist like Haldane — a man who sits at the heart of the system on the Bank of England committee that sets our interest rates and the separate one that oversees the health of the financial system — it is extremely challenging to have these good and bad indicators side by side because it means you can’t infer from the data whether the future will be one of boom or bust.[/QUOTE]