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'Tory failings cost �116bn' - Labour

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[QUOTE=coalition;1147342][QUOTE=Robin Goodfellow;1147190]Brown saved the global economy, look it up.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, yeah, more boom and bust; his own party don't want him, whether or no he will actually give up his seat as MP is debatable, if he runs he will lose the seat to SNP.

He has told us 20 times he is retiring, and still he faddled around in the Scottish referendum, as usual he was ineffective.
Brown is almost begging for a high profile appointment, instead all he got is pro bono charity work, nobody is that stupid as to want a psycho, power/prestige, mad pratt but then nobody wants Labour anyway. I expect they will be Third in the General Election.
Now he is getting other fools to canvass for a job for him:
Where all the trouble began, the Sin City ran rings around them, they were swindling us as LoBour were hostages to Yank BENT Bonds, they hadn't a clue what they were doing.
In this period, Gordon, along with John Smith, Tony Blair and Neil Kinnock, --(OMG)--flying-pig started to put Labour on the road to a modern economic policy for a social democratic party. They emphasised the economy’s supply-side, the need for investment, for macro stability, the importance of being pro- not anti-business, and for being open to trade and competition, not protectionist or backing monopolies. It was a move of monumental importance – not one to always make you popular with Labour activists, but totally necessary. It took time and Labour lost in 1992. But the seeds had been sown for an approach that would win elections and deliver a stronger economy.[/QUOTE]