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So Many People Are Badly Traumatized by Life in America: It's Time We Admit It

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From a crushing economy, to government spying, Corporate theft and Bankster welfare, political liars and endless wars, are we breaking down? Yup, we know that place...its other name is England.
[/B][I]November 19, 2014[/I] |

Recently Don Hazen, the executive editor of AlterNet, asked me to think about trauma in the context of America’s political system. As I sifted through my thoughts on this topic, I began to sense an enormous weight in my body and a paralysis in my brain. What could I say? What could I possibly offer to my fellow citizens? Or to myself? After six years writing about the financial crisis and its gruesome aftermath, I feel weariness and fear. When I close my eyes, I see a great ogre with gold coins spilling from his pockets and pollution spewing from his maw lurching toward me with increasing speed. I don’t know how to stop him.

Do you feel this way, too?[/QUOTE]