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Wily Germans don't want EU buying UK 'Skunk Bonds' even as the Bank for International Settlements says that" we have no more space for useless UK paper.o

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[QUOTE=coalition;1143297]The Germans Just Don't Seem To Care That (We're) On The Brink Of A Continent-Wide Recession.

No, and they don't want the Sin City of London shoving their useless 'Skunk Bonds' all across the EU. It is a clear case of the 'Biter' not being 'Bit back'; the EU have screwed UK for all it can afford, they have no intention of 'giving' any of it back, and most certainly not on our City crooks bogus investment bonds, nothing but useless paper..

America did it for years, dumping crap paper on Europe, you (London/City) need to find some other dirty scam.... bonus Boys, as we taxpayers are tired of y'all living high on the Hog of off our Welfare money.....try a little honesty, it might confuse even the thieving Yanks.