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And I missed it! I missed watching a rabbit savage a Canary, Millipeed the woman basher got 'furious' and attacked a Lady, it has not the balls to attack a Man.

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[QUOTE=coalition;1142528]As suspected, the Millipeed is Woman basher. Thornberry was quite proper in indicating that White Van berk with the George flag spread across his house front was the typical BNP expression of racism, she was indicating that UKIP was simply another Nazi party.

So, it may have gone awry, but these little political contratemps are what intelligent and capable political leaders are expected to deal with and, preferably, not by brutalising a Woman.

Normally, such a person as Lady Thornberry would be in a cosy Liberal Party, except that we do not have one, rightfully she could have held office in a Tory Party but, she chose Labour unfortunately, and got the worst of the rotten lot.

Millipeed needs a good kicking...all the way out of the Leadership of the Labour party

I'm devastat:boxing:ed that I could not actually watch it on TV, a furious Doe doing domestic mayhem on a helpless victim...pity the one who has to live with this crazy Rabbit.[/QUOTE]