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Inflation is at 5%, but you will never know, unless I tell you..

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[QUOTE=coalition;1141293]:flypig:On top of everything else the low paid have had to bare our criminal corporations and their partners in crime, the Supermarkets, have increased the basic cost of food by 20% but they do it by stealth; as most criminals do.
Chips are disappearing from bags, candy from boxes and vegetables from cans.

Nabisco's Fresh Stacks package of saltines, top, contains about 15 percent fewer crackers than the old package.

[LIST][*][URL=""]Heinz, H J, Co[/URL][*][URL=""]Dollar General Corp[/URL][*][URL=""]Procter & Gamble Co[/URL][/LIST]

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Lisa Stauber keeps careful records of grocery prices. Her 1-year-old daughter, Alianna, is one of nine children.

As an expected increase in the cost of raw materials looms for late summer, consumers are beginning to encounter shrinking food packages.
With unemployment still high, companies in recent months have tried to camouflage price increases by selling their products in tiny and tinier packages. So far, the changes are most visible at the grocery store, where shoppers are paying the same amount, but getting less.