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Now let me see...being that the 'pensionable' age is now work until you drop, who actually is living the Godwin dream?

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[QUOTE=coalition;1140888][B]To be old is very heaven in George Osborne’s Britain:
To be of pensionable age in 2014 is to have won Britain’s generational lottery. The baby boomers have had the best of all worlds, materially speaking.

Your healthcare and education came at the full expense of the state, university too. You entered the job market when opportunities were abundant and benefits hard-won by the unions. You searched for a home when council housing was still a thing and Islington semis were two and sixpence. When Margaret Thatcher began selling off Britain’s assets and liberalising the economy, it was your generation who won — and promptly spent — the proceeds.

We have paid for Ireland 1916, WW1, The 1918-1920 invasion of Russia, 1936 to 1937 operations in Waziristan/ Third Afghanistan War of 1919, WW2, Berlin Airlift, Korea, Burma, Aden, 1956 the Suez debacle, Congo 1960, NI (forever it seems) Falklands, Kosovo Iraq, Iraq, 4th Afghanistan be continued, needless to say, we never stop 'paying'.

Since the Thatcher era, we have been duped by our politicians, robbed by our Banks , swindled by our insurance companies, conned by property companies and ripped-off by every shagging little crooked 'business person' bureaurat, quangoist and so called agency wallahs, both home and abroad...and you have the bloody cheek to tell us that 'we never had it so good' you are obviously just another dick head, low lifer, on the make and on the take.

Now, we cannot even retire in safety, retirement Homes are a criminal racket, carers are akin to the Taliban, the NHS is in the hands of privatisation monsters, Councils are sniffing around us Oldies like flies on dung, all of them awaiting an opportunity to steal our property...

Do you, by chance, happen to reside in the Channel Islands Mr. Godwin, they have the Oldie, and for that matter, youngies, pleasure of being English, or at least protected by us, and yet are not burdened with the concomitant travails of those who die to protect them.

Bye the Bye, are they, like Sin City of London, putting nothing in our UK bankrupt fund, just taking as usual.

What a bloody cheek![/QUOTE]