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Goodbye Sussex series. There's been how many Pipeline Spills in Alberta?

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[QUOTE=coalition;1140385]Alberta, Canada is basically a petro state. Oil and gas production rule everything and it's happening everywhere in the north of the province. Pipelines criss cross most of Alberta. As a result, leaks of wells, facilities and pipelines are a constant thing all over the province.
But we Canadians almost never hear about them. Our main media, CBC, does not provide any coverage of the many, many spills and gas releases that happen every month, nor the efforts to clean up the messes. They're simply not considered least not on the scale of disasters like some attention grabber showing up at the War Memorial on Remembrance day in uniform and bedecked with medals..none of which (uniform included) belonged to him. The guy is under arrest for impersonating an officer.
But back to the non news. It seems someone [B]is[/B] taking notice. West Coast Native News [URL=""](WCNN)[/URL] has been quietly keeping tabs on all the spills and leaks. What they have found is shocking!!

Move past the toxic orange spill...careful you don't get any on your shoes!!
On Nov 12, 2014 Spyglass Resources Corp reported to the AER that a pipeline incident occurred 12Km West of [B]Vauxhall Alberta spilling over 500,000 litres [/B]of toxic produced water[/QUOTE]