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Wronga again, Matthew, but then, you always were.

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[QUOTE=coalition;1135183]"[I]On Monday, the Prime Minister delivered his report to MPs on the EU summit made fractious by the €2 billion bill sprung on him at the 11th hour. As ever, Cameron chose his words with care: “Britain will not be paying €2 billion to anyone on December 1, and we reject this scale of payment. We will be challenging this in every way possible.”
I expect he is ranting again, I count to at least ten other "I will not do's, that he did do" in fact he has lost every skirmish with the EU to date...he must be training with the British Army, they also are making a habit of losing, and, as for training Libyan Rebels, they cannot, it appears even do that, besides it seems to me that they got it wrong; are they not our Enemies?

Matthew d'Ancona:
The PM’s EU woes are a product of Britain’s success (wronga):
it should read....stupid Osborne costs us another £1.7Bn through his criminal manipulation of Statistics....and, not only that, by including as potential taxable income...WHICH WE WILL NEVER GET. Drugs, Prossies and other vile sexual antics, they must teach them in Eton.

However, be that as it may, the EU and the putative swindler at the IMF, known as prisoner X when reporting to the Court, better known to us as Chief of the IMF...SO VERY APT DON'T YOU THINK, LaGarde, are now 'Blackmailing' you for keeping stum about your criminal manipulation of statistics for fraudulent deception of the Taxpayer.
I do hope that soon you will, following in the footsteps of your crooked ally LaGarde, be in Court.[/QUOTE]