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Branson is the 'Tricky Dicky' of business blowouts, he loses other peoples money and never his own.

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[QUOTE=coalition;1134490][QUOTE=johnofgwent;1133882]It may have escaped your notice but NASA is not exactly immune from issues in its drive to conquer the final frontier ... and right now the only ways we in the west have to get a man into earth orbit is to rent a seat on an ageing soviet system [B]well [/B]past its MOT date, or buy up a disturbing amount of the world's helium supply to fill a one off balloon ride and hope to god not only the parachute opens but that you don't spin so fast you break your neck on the way back.

With the dream of things like HOTOL withered on the vine, Branson's company, [B]and its competitors [/B]are all that remain of research into achieving orbit without breaking the bank.

If Julian Bieber wishes to spend the money his "fans" were fool enough to hand over for his "art" funding that research and engineering programme, so be it. Better he spends it on rocket fuel and some half decent engineering than on the black economy of columbia ...[/QUOTE]

If I had to guess who would come back with a 'I support Branson' placard, you would have made the top 3.

Time and time again, I get retorts disavowing 'Sputnik' Branson's and, other incompetent political crooks, culpable responsibility for unmitagted disaster which was guaranteed to be the outcome of a criminal attempt to self promote or, just obtain money by deception and cause the death of an innocent person. Will some people never learn that these shortcuts to popularity, riches or ego agrandisement, are the actual trade marks of the charlatan; unfortunately, in these times, it is the m[I]odus operandi [/I]which is promoted by those who wheedle their living from the black arts of PR and 'PERSONAL SERVICES of a kind that should get them locked away for re-training in the arts of telling the truth.

You are certainly not 'breaking the bank' when you do not inform potential space cadets..that the crap ship they may be flying to their deaths on...was an early 70 year old SPUTNIK.

Do get out of it with the smarm for space death is more likely if you need the Bransons of this benighted world we live in.[/QUOTE]