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You omit the fact that the crime City of only solvent today...because they live off of the rest of the Countrys' tax money.

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[QUOTE=coalition;1134494]The call for greater devolution to London is perfectly sensible. London’s population is greater than Scotland’s yet the city enjoys far less autonomy; there is an elected mayor who national politicians can be confident will get the blame, or praise, for his decisions if more power is devolved; and local tiers of government should ideally spend money they raise themselves.
But London is part of a much bigger debate about city and regional government in England. The Chancellor has just announced that Greater Manchester will receive similar powers to London and have its own mayor from 2017. Merseyside is engaged in discussions about getting more powers. And, though they have received little encouragement from Westminster, areas such as Devon and Cornwall are also making requests


By all means become a new state...only do so with your own cash..not the rest of the country supporting your failed Banks and dirty little Emporiums, all selling China slave crap; you can plaster your own the walls with 'skunk bonds, not worth the paper they are doodled on, including gambling habits with TAX money...WELFARE.

As that popular saying goes...don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. I recall that 4 years were all going to live in Switzerland??????????????????????????????

FOR God's sake GO![/QUOTE]