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Is there no 'dirty deal' which the Tories have not done?

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[QUOTE=coalition;1134498]Hypocrisy of probation outsourcing

[B]It was not going to be just another privatisation with contracts allocated [/B]on the basis of buggins’ turn.
This time, we were led to believe, it would not be the same old outsourcing faces getting the work, no matter how embarrassing or cynical their failures in earlier attempts to take on services which had previously been run by the public sector.
The third sector was enthusiastic in its turn because since the launch of Big Society Capital a few years ago it has made a big effort to become more professional and commercially savvy. However, although it has delivered with notable success on several small-scale projects, it has never been given a chance nor had the resources to try out its ideas on a broader stage.

20 of the usual suspects who garner in 'privatisations' at the payment of a 'finders fee' are now milking the taxpayer for £Millions...................................

[B]But true to form this turns out to be just another example of PR spin where Government’s words do not match what it has actually done.

(gosh and golly...what have they done? [URL][/URL]

The reality is that the third sector has been shut out. It is — at best — a bit player, and at worst simply a fig leaf to disguise the fact that these contracts are basically just the same old stuff given to the same old players.
In theory, there are 20 contracts where the third sector is involved. Five of these are billed as joint ventures, and the rest are partnerships. The details of how these joint ventures are structured has not been published by Government, but Big Society Capital believes none of the charities has a stake of any significance, and they are certainly nowhere near a level where they could exert significant influence on the direction of the business.

Aw, I'm it out for yourselves.
They are now charging each other to provide the necessary information to complete each case; what a shambles.