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When will we arrest the Coalition for outright theft of Public property?

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[QUOTE=coalition;1130936]A National treasure, HMS Victory.....The sunken flagship of the Royal Navy, lost in 1744, is to have her treasures raised from the sea bed.[I]HMS Victory[/I] was discovered at the bottom of the Channel in 2008 by an American treasure-hunting company. Michael Fallon, the defence secretary, announced yesterday that Odyssey Marine Exploration would be able to recover “at-risk surface artefacts”.
is in the...

Fallon has handed our National Treasure to a somewhat bogus Charity set up by Lord Lingfield 'The Maritime Heritage Foundation' ...Lingfield claimed kinship with Adm. Sir John Balchen who died on board HMS Victory, but it has since been proved that he was lying....yet, Fallon still handed over a Naation Treasure, worth £150 Million to this crook.
Something smells rotten in the state of Her Majesty's Government, and it not a million miles away from a criminal Tory party...who have also destroyed our Economy; should we not call in our vaunted Secret Service..who knows, they may even get something right, but don't hold your breath.[/QUOTE]