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We don't want Fracking...and it will not make profits....Taxpayers money will prime this con.

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[QUOTE=coalition;1129186]What a hoot, another Boris the boring white Elephant, as with the Olympics Stadium, another £200 Mil of 'Taxpayers money is being wasted on this Dog. Fracking is not cost effective with oil currently trading at below $80 a barrel, at less than $110 PB it is a waste of money to frack...or is this just another crooked land grab, the same as the so-called 13 Billion olympics and HS2/3/4/5 or an unwanted not needed Third runway at Heathrow.

[URL=""][/URL] work estimates that fracking south of the capital could deliver 46,000 jobs in and around London, employing everyone from lorry drivers to financiers.
[B]But Tories behind the research claim scare-mongering about fracking by “greenies” has [/B]put the massive windfall at risk.
They say benefits will only come if government pushes harder for extraction and are calling on Boris Johnson to champion the industry..what is in it for Boringus?[/QUOTE]