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***** swindling of customers with PPI...they should be made refund 20% of the cost of all customers shopping over the past 10 years.

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[QUOTE=coalition;1121972]£250 million black hole lets genie out of bottle on supplier tactics
[B] problems centre on charges to suppliers to sell their goods. That much is known. What else?

[/B]There’s the “[B]annual bonus[/B]” — a fee paid to the retailer based on annual invoiced turnover[B].
The 'over rider'.... “listing fee” “New store opening fee” “Trigger” payment “Just gimme”and more and more ransom gimmicks.

God forbid that anyone, least of all investors, (nor customers, who are paying for these hiked costs ) should suppose they make their money by actually displaying products on their shelves and selling them.
Supermarket crooks....just like Banksters.