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And we did not need new laws to lock this swine up.

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[QUOTE=coalition;1120134]For 4 long years I have fought for Justice on the basis that:
If financial institutions are lying in such a way, as to cause customers' to lose money, this is a definition of conspiracy to defraud.

The Tories always claimed we would have to make NEW laws in order to convict hows about a Confession, will that get the swine locked -up. [/B]
July 1, 2012
This headline definition, is the statement of Lord Blair...the former, highest ranking police commissioner in UK. He states that Banksters are all crooks. He didn't arrest any, during his long undistinguished career. It begs the question, upon retirement, do we all rat out, those whom we accepted 'goodies' from, when we were in office.
Striking at the heart of the financial industry, the Sub- Prime frauds, the Rate Fixing frauds, the Swaps/Bonds Frauds, the Credit Card FX frauds, the Penalty charges/ non interest on balances, the obtaining money by deception and services overcharging for services Frauds, is there any crooked act, that Banksters have not committed. And, they are still not in Jail.

We may as well add incompetence and corruption, of our Regulatory Bureaurats, and Law enforcement agencies. Yet! they are still, not in prison. Exactly what will it take, to get all these conspirators, where they belong, Prison.

Now we know, a looming election (May looking to lead Tories in 2016 Election, gets a conviction on a Bankster, giving blood to the Wolves, works everytime)

What happened to the Tory meme that we would need to change the LAW if we were to convict Banksters...obviously that was more of Cameroon's Bull.[/QUOTE]