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The US financial Nirvana Eugenics Osborne wants to re-create.

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[QUOTE=coalition;1120035][B]How 14 People Made More Money Than the Entire Food Stamp Budget for 50 Million People

[/B][I]October 5, 2014[/I] |

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for the second year in a row, America's richest 14 individuals [URL=""]made more[/URL] from their annual investments than the [URL=""]$80 billion[/URL] provided for [URL=""]people in need[/URL] of food. Nearly half of the food-deprived are [URL=""]children[/URL]. Perversely, the food stamp program was [URL=""]CUT[/URL] because of a lack of federal funding.

In a testament to the inability -- or unwillingness -- of Congress to do anything about the incessant upward re-distribution of America's wealth, the [URL=""]richest 14[/URL] Americans increased their wealth from [URL=""]$507 billion to $589 billion[/URL] in ONE YEAR from their investment earnings. As stated by [URL=""]Forbes[/URL], "All together the 400 wealthiest Americans are worth a staggering $2.29 trillion, up $270 billion from a year ago."[/QUOTE]