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Many months ago I posited that we are in no position to win a scrabble contest let alone another damned skirmish in the ME; some antis's eat your smirks..

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[QUOTE=coalition;1120024]Not my style....I'm here to do serious business not play pass the immigrant, the Ebola, the ME hysteria over a few religiousw nutters it ain't our business to bother about and, of course, the cause related waste of money, the inept dishonest politicians, the Crime City of London all one with the limp wristed Bureaurats a frentic slobbering at the trough of Taxpayers money.

Enjoy this one on me.......Welfare figures that just don’t add up

George Osborne lamented in his conference speech that “too many young people… have fallen into a culture of welfare dependency and a life on the dole”, and said it was intolerable the working age welfare benefit bill .[B]has reached £100 billion But Jobseekers’ Allowance, the dole, accounts for less than 5% of that £100 billion. The big contributors to the working age welfare bill are housing benefit (£17 billion), tax credits (£29 billion) and child benefit (£11 billion

(as the City gets welfare of £1Trillion and counting)

The working age welfare bill has certainly increased. It’s up from 4.5% of GDP in 1997 to about 5.7% today. But it has grown as a share of national income primarily because of our grossly dysfunctional housing market and a surge in the number of people working in relatively low-paid jobs. The idea the bill has been pushed up by a proliferation of lazy work dodgers is nonsense.

[/B]it seems that George the swindler can't get his ideological hatred of those earning less than £100,000 PA out of his poisonous system; a little Man who yearns to be a big man and can't quite cut it. We have so many of those types these Days; the Mad Thatchers appear have taken over the country[B].
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