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Why do we still pretend we can make a difference in the ME?

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[QUOTE=coalition;1113991]This is no time for Iran to be our new best friend...(the biggest liar in politics goes International)

David Cameron will wake up in that city that never sleeps today, knowing he will make history.
At the United Nations in New York he is set to become the first British prime minister to hold direct talks with a president of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
In March, Cameron assured his friends in Israel’s Knesset that he was not “starry-eyed about the new regime in Tehran”.

[B]“I share your deep concern and great scepticism about Iran,” he [/B]told them. He slammed the “poisonous ideology of Islamic extremism” and described a foiled attempt by Tehran to ship arms to Palestinian militants as “despicable”.

In meeting Hassan Rouhani — Iran’s allegedly moderate successor to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — [B]Cameron is only confirming that he is as starry-eyed about Iran as he is has proved to be about Israel recently.
Starry that what we call liars today?[/B]

Having forced Iran to the nuclear negotiating table with crippling sanctions backed by the threat of air strikes, we are now forced to court Iran’s help in tackling a common enemy: Islamic State.

How do we fight these ruthless savages? By recruiting the help of savages who are not so crude as to film their cowardly and bloody handiwork, gloat about it and taunt the rest of us, of course.

Any reasonable savage mops up the blood and denies that a murder took place at all.The Islamic Republic, alas, cannot be said to be so reasonable a savage. Since its inception in 1979, its rulers have been steeped in bloodshed — the murder of dissidents of all political hues, women, gay people and religious minorities has been startlingly commonplace.
It is Islamic State’s blatant disregard for human rights that is prompting us to bomb its ranks. Yet Iran’s killers are immune from prosecution as human rights abuses carry on apace.Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says he has “raised” the case of Ghoncheh Ghavami, the 25-year-old British Iranian woman currently detained in prison in Iran, with Iran’s foreign minister in New York. Raised is not good enough. Ghavami’s crime is having attended a volleyball match in June — Britain must demand her release. How can we do business with a country that doesn’t allow women to attend sports events? The sad truth is: easily.
Iran looks set to be another oil-rich friend of the UK, like Saudi Arabia, who we “raise” or “highlight” human rights abuses with before reverting to business as usual. We cannot let Iran become Britain’s new best friend.Asked by an NBC journalist what he thought about Islamic State’s videotaped murders, Rouhani said: “Who can tolerate seeing an innocent person being executed?”

This is worthy of a macabre spoof, for if there’s one thing Iran excels at, it’s executing innocent people.In meeting Rouhani, Cameron is bowing to Iran’s status as regional strongman. While the West is by no means weak, what appears clear is that we are clueless about how to deal with Islamic State, something Rouhani has picked up on in challenging President Obama to commit ground troops to the crisis. I don’t know what the solution is. But one thing is clear: without holding Iran to account for its human rights abuses,
[B]even if we dissolve Islamic State another set of Islamists wins.
No Air Strikes....we cannot afford the Middele East again[/B][/QUOTE]