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Why do we still pretend we can make a difference in the ME?

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[QUOTE=coalition;1113586][URL=""]lThe[/URL] strategy of IS is to plunge the entire region into a religious war of an even greater scale than the Crusades of Bush and Chaney, they are very close to success. It is not hyperbole to say that the real WAR has not started yet...thyey are simply waitingt for the war needy politicians of the West to sell their filthy intent of interferance...when there is not the slightest reason for us to do so....forget the nonsense that they will attack us in our StreetS and backgardens, ande most of all forget the balls that we have trained and capable soldiers,

Afghanistan and Iraq have proved we do not and, most assureadly we have no competent higher echelons...I would not trust my children to the murderous hands of any EU or US General blimp....the evidence is that they are all totally incompetent.

ISIS saw what you lot did for Libya, you gave it away to the Rebels with your stupid 'Bombings' as you did to Iraq and, sooner than later, Afghanistan; now shut up, sit down, and keep your war - mongering for profit stupidities to yourselves....and that especially includes the wanna be Major General buffoon Cameron.
Say no to to your local MP...and make the fool listen;

NO BOMBING. No 'Special Forces'---they are not Spartans and have only a success rate matching ordinary line Regiments who have generations of history to brag of and, with a history to be proud of, or any other forces on any trumped up reasons.

Will we be conned into war again? ISIS / ISIL the pretext?
Bill Maher in his rather harsh piece chastises Americans for their gullibility. He expresses the frustration of many who realize that Americans once again are being [URL=""]conned into war[/URL]. One only hopes that the repetition will work. Many with a platform are starting to speak up. The mistakes of the past can be abated if we spread the light. Light is the best disinfectant.
Bill Maher starts his skit graphicly enough. “When it comes to being baited into war," Maher said, “America has to try a little harder to not be so f*cking easy.”[/QUOTE]