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Time to accept the truth -Capitalism is breaking America..... and UK

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[QUOTE=coalition;1109672]If we were to accept the “Free Market” advocates arguments for a moment, Capitalism is the magical cure for all which is ailing the United States (UK)UK. With [URL=""]record low corporate tax revenue[/URL] and the [URL=""]ballooning of corporate welfare[/URL], the promises were that Capitalism would fix every problem in the United States.
Instead, it appears that the [URL=""]trickle down capitalism of Milton Friedman[/URL] and his worshippers has instead just [URL=""]begun migrating 3rd world poverty to the United States[/URL]. Nations like China and Bangladesh are seeing their [URL=""]poverty shift upwards[/URL] as US companies outsource. But, the overall poverty rates in the world have remained relatively stable.

How this is happening is because the poverty is leaving those countries and migrating [URL=""]to the United States[/URL]/ (UK), which has seen an [URL=""]explosion of poverty[/URL] over the past decade.

By failing to address the causes of poverty, the wealthy in this country have instead done a fair job of moving it from one nation to another and proclaiming it as progress. This capitalist version of ‘Three Card Monte’ just shovels money in to their own pockets while the system which supports them grinds to a halt. Already, the amount of shipping, which helps indicate how much people are able to buy, is [URL=""]significantly below pre-recession levels[/URL], and is [URL=""]continuing to collapse[/URL].

By 2030, the total middle class GDP will be [URL=""]weighed heaviest in the Asia-Pacific region[/URL], while the overall middle class GDP in the Asia-Pacific region will be only [URL=""]$20 trillion[/URL], which indicates a global middle class GDP of only $30 trillion, compared to [URL=""]todays $21 trillion[/URL]. This is while the overall size of the middle class globally will grow from 1.8 billion to 4.9 billion. This means an overall loss of consumption per-capita for the middle class. With the population growth of the middle class, more people will consume, but they will consume significantly less. This is a doomsday scenario for capitalism itself.



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    American Corporations Too Busy Cheating Taxpayers to Actually Produce Good Products
    Welcome to the "gimmick economy" -- Y[B]ou got that right...UK is a gimmick on its own...[/B]
    where it's not about good products or labor, but something far more scary.
    [I]September 24, 2014[/I] |

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    Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s announcement of a series of new rules to reduce the financial incentives behind corporate inversions tells you a lot about where our economy sits right now. Productivity and growth scarcely matter as much as what I would call the “gimmick economy.” Companies now spend an inordinate amount of time figuring out not how to beat their competition, but how to prosper from tricks and loopholes their accountants find buried in the law. Every corporation has become, at the root, a financial company, adept at moving money around on paper and little else. And the government has to scramble in a never-ending race to keep up with the innovations.