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The Red Cross Knights pricking across the Scotish plain yesterday were tilting at windmills....everbody knows that it makes sense to abandon a sinking Ship.

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[QUOTE=coalition;1107585][B]There isn’t that much of Britain left to be saved

[/B]I’m just wondering what there is left to save. Balmoral? A submariner or two? As James Meek argues in Private Island: Why Britain Now Belongs to Someone Else, our leaders have sold off so much of Britain in the past 35 years or so, it’s hard to take their idea of sovereignty seriously.
Few people realise, for example, that EDF stands for Electricité de France, a company wholly owned by the French state. London bus routes are run by the Dutch state railway company. Among the chief beneficiaries of our privatised water industry are Canadian pensioners and the Chinese Investment Corporation.As for the NHS, “the problem with politicians is they can’t be honest”, as a leading surgeon tells Meek. “If they said ‘We’re going to privatise the NHS’, they’d be kicked out the next day.” So they do it on the sly. It was the last Labour government that first made hospitals compete for resources. The Coalition has gone much further, inviting the shareholders of Serco, Atos, G4S, Capita and United Health to profit from children’s wheelchairs and hip replacements.

“We are a human revenue stream; we are being made tenants in our own land, defined by the string of private fees we pay to exist here.”A cynic would say it’s not the prospect of losing five million citizens that has had the politicians riding to “save” Scotland this week. It’s losing five million customers.[/QUOTE]