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Parties back more Scotland powers

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[QUOTE=coalition;1106486]Poor misearable Cameroon the Stupid....I so enjoy this. I could do it forever to the Eugenics *******...(kill off the Old, the sick, the poor and the disabled, swindle the public to pay WELFARE to the Banksters...go for it Scotland, it will be the best thing you have ever done.
Bye the Bye...kick that Psycho Brown out of Scotland, he did nothing for Scotland when he was posing as a pm.

Weenie little spineless Millipeed wants to put soldiers on the that is something I would advise not to do....they would be returned as mincemeat.

And this is what they want to sell to Scotland....

The tragedy of the present situation is that the food supply position in relation to national
needs has so rapidly deteriorated from its original position of insufficiency that some
people have become dejected due to their inability to feed themselves and their families.
Some women abandoned their children due to their inability to feed them. Some men
have committed suicide for lack of the means to sustain their families. A perceptible
number of our citizens have become physically and mentally sick due, largely, to
insufficient nutrient supply or from the complications of life which result from a poorly
ordered society. Some streets in some of our cities are disgracefully littered with beggars,
mentally-sick persons and, occasionally, with dead bodies

Run them out of Town on a rail car...suitably tarred and feathered.[/QUOTE]