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Serco crooks...back in flavour.

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[QUOTE=coalition;1106407]Gosh! is this actually 'illegal'? they do it as a matter of course in our Government..

Serco has come under renewed fire over changes to its fare discount scheme which have forced some groups to pay extra for ferry travel south
The democratic and legal basis for the NHS in England was abolished by the Health and Social Care Act 2012. The impact of this fundamental change is already being felt, ahead of the shift to the new market system in April 2013.
The Act ended the Secretary of State’s duty to secure or provide health services throughout the country, a duty that had been in force since 1948
When the 2012 Act is implemented, the government will no longer be responsible for providing for our health care needs free of charge. The system of health care which has served all people throughout England for over sixty years is being dismantled and broken up. Instead a range of bodies, including for-profit companies, will decide which services will be freely available and who will receive them.

...crooked Serco has been reinstated by the Co-alition as a contractor of merit....just goes to show that you can't keep a lying swindling Dog down.

John A. Shaw, 64, the deputy undersecretary for international technology
security, sought to transform a relatively minor police and fire communications
proposal into a contract allowing the creation of an Iraq-wide commercial
cellular network that could generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue
per year, the sources said.

Shaw brought pressure on officials at the
U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad to change the contract
language and grant the consortium a noncompetitive bid, according to the

The consortium, under the guidance of a firm owned by Alaskan
natives, consisted of an Irish telecommunications entrepreneur, former officials
in the first Bush administration and such leading telecommunications companies
as Lucent and Qualcomm, according to sources and consortium members.
A year ago things were looking very good for outsourcing companies. One would have predicted a steady growth in business during the next few years with, perhaps, a temporary hiccup were Labour to win the next election.
Now things are less certain. Not only have we had the investigations into Serco and G4S, but four more [URL=""]employees of A4E[/URL], a welfare-to-work company, were recently charged with fraud. In local government, there is an investigation into a contract let by Lancashire county council to BT, which has resulted in the resignation of [URL=""]Phil Halsall[/URL], the former chief executive. Unison, on the website of the communities and local government parliamentary committee, [URL=""]lists claims[/URL] that many

Crooks and Robbers....and we did not elect them.[/QUOTE]