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So, just look at what happens when you fiddle the 'Statistics' ---you claim that you are now Richer than ever before....but only a few enjoy that benefit.

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[QUOTE=coalition;1079912]"If the country is richer than ever before, it is easy to assume that all its citizens are too. That is the implication of the figures. Whatever pain and hardship people have had to go through in the past seven years, that is now behind us. Surely we can take comfort now from the fact that we are on average better off than we have ever been.
The truth, sadly, is that it does not quite work out like that."

"However, the real challenge facing the economy and everyone in it is whether a knowledge-based economy can be organised to provide decent well-paid work for the bulk of the population when they currently lack the education and skills needed to compete, or whether we should accept that the current trends of rising inequality and under-employment among the young will get even worse.
Unfortunately it is unlikely even to get a mention"

Inequality is the real challenge for the economy
[B]The next set of output figures should top pre-recession levels — but it is good news only for a privileged few

.....Yers....we sort of figured that one out....Eugenics George, loves fiddling Statistics.....
As the graph below shows, we’ve recaptured the lost territory much more slowly than the likes of the US and Canada. The US has been helped by a domestic energy boom and government stimulus while Canada’s more resource-based economy and resilient banks meant a shallower fall and a faster recovery.
Even Japan weathered the 2011 tsunami and the shutdown of its nuclear power stations to outpace the UK. Only the eurozone is lagging behind us — although not the region’s biggest beasts, Germany and France. The UK has paid the price for its previous emphasis on financial services as well as its dependence on our European neighbours for trade.

So, what exactly has Eugenics George to crow about.....????? Seems to me, we paid more than any others..... to be still behind them.[/QUOTE]